Oysters 'Mariscos Laureano'

Rasberry vinegar, shallot, lemon

From 3 pieces, price is per piece

Olives vegetarian


Bread vegetarian

On The Rock bread dip, sea salt butter

Flammkuchen caprese vegetarian

Tomato, red onion, mozzarella, crème fraîche, pesto

Pata Negra

80 gram Iberico Cebo, focaccia crostini, rocket 

Three eggs sunny side up vegetarian

Supplement: cheese or ham € 1,50
Supplement: roast beef or bacon € 2,00

'Ome Cees' croquettes

Brioche bread, mustard mayonnaise

Burrata and eggplant vegetarian

Eggplant caponata, nut and spice blend 'dukkah', dried tomato

Optional vegan

L'oeuf mayonnaise vegetarian

Smashed avocado, brioche toast, chives

Supplement: Bawykov salmon à € 4,00


Truffle mayonnaise, old cheese, sunflower seeds, capers, tomato, rocket

Pan bagnat

Olive oil, tuna, egg, red onions, olives, tomato, anchovy

Crispy chicken

Tortilla wrap, ginger mayonnaise, red onion, cheddar cheese

Club sandwich

Viking bread, grilled chicken, tomato, bacon, cheese, egg

Vine tomato soup vegetarian

Spring onion, mascarpone, pesto

Salad burrata and eggplant vegetarian

Eggplant caponata, nut and spice blend 'dukkah', dried tomato

Optional vegan

Salad On The Rock

Eel, Bawykov salmon, scallop, Dutch shrimps, cocktail sauce 

Asian salad

Tenderloin, bean sprouts, tomatoes, cashew nuts, red onion, sesame dressing

Beef burger (190 grams)

Bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, chili mayonnaise, fries

Avocado edamame burger vegetarian

Red onion, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayonnaise, fries

Tortellini vegetarian

Spinach, ricotta, beurre blanc, Grana Padano cheese, rocket

Catch of the day


Tournedos (180 grams)

Pepper sauce, seasonal garnishes

Supplement: pan-fried duck liver at € 12,00

Green salad


Parmesan fries with truffle mayo

Dame Blanche

Bourbon vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce

Yuzu cream

Pineapple, coconut marshmallow, peanut, mango chili sorbet


Vanilla ice cream, espresso, Frangelico liqueur, hazelnuts

Tarte tatin

Rum and raisin ice cream, whipped cream

Small chocolate mousse tart

Caramel sauce, stracciatella ice cream

Cheese platter

Five cheeses, kletzenbrot, vig compote

Coffee or tea complete

Coffee or tea, liqueur, macaroon, bonbon


A cocktail of vodka, prosecco, sorbet ice cream

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