Closed doors, but that certainly does not mean a closed kitchen! We are open for delivery and take-away from Thursday to Sunday. Click below for more information about 'On The Rock at Home' and find out what we have to offer.

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The 'Sizzling Rock' can only be served on the terrace.

Mozzarella vegetarian

Flatbread, hummus, basil, olives, tomato salsa and cress

Smoked salmon

Herb cream cheese, avocado and capers

White or brown bread

Vitello tonnato

Scrocchiarella bread, tuna mayonnaise and tomatoes


Scrocchiarella bread, mixed seeds, pistou, Grana Padano cheese and capers

Club sandwich

Casino bread, grilled chicken, tomato, bacon and egg

Wakadori chicken

Mezzaluna bread, Iettuce, cucumber, red onion and Japanese mayonnaise

Kimchi toastie vegetarian

Brioche bread, homemade kimchi, young matured cheese and cheddar cheese

Two Holtkamp veal croquettes

Mustard mayonnaise

White or brown bread

Three eggs sunny side up vegetarian

Supplement: cheese or ham € 1,50
Supplement: roast beef or bacon € 2,00

White or brown bread

Smoked salmon

Grapefruit, avocado, small tomatoes and croutons

Mozzarella vegetarian

Tomato salsa, rocket, pine nuts and croutons

Wakadori chicken

Bean sprouts, edamame, cucumber, cashew nuts and Japanese mayonnaise

Pumpkin curry vegetarian

Flatbread and Greek yoghurt

Beetroot tagliatelle vegetarian

King boletes, green asparagus, goat cheese and saffron foam

Grilled sea bass

Beetroot tagliatelle, seafood croquette and saffron foam

Scallops ‘à la nage’

Bisque, prawns, sourdough bread and rouille

Hand-cut steak tartare

Raw beef (200 grams), truffle mayonnaise, brioche toast and fries

Angus burger

Brioche bread, bacon, tomato, lettuce and grill sauce


Pepper sauce, potato muffin, romanesco and mushroom

Supplement: duck liver à € 10,00

Tenderloin steak (180 gram)

Roasted tomatoes, green asparagus and beurre Café de Paris

Tenderloin steak (300 gram)

Roasted tomatoes, green asparagus and beurre Café de Paris

Yellowfin tuna steak (200 gram)

Green asparagus, tomato salsa and samphire

Asian seafood platter

Two scallops, two tiger prawns, two mini tuna steaks and two mini salmon steaks

The 'sizzling rock' dishes can only be ordered on the terrace.

Fries vegetarian

Sweet potato fries vegetarian

Parmesan fries with truffle mayo vegetarian

Seasonal vegetables vegetarian

Green salad vegetarian

Lemon meringue cake

Yoghurt ice cream and cassis

Giant cream puff

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Thousand Layer Cake

Toffee, passion fruit, banana ganache, sugar peanuts and pandan ice cream

Sorbet ice cream

Three flavours (daily changing) with matching garnish 

Cheese platter

Five cheeses, Panforte and apple syrup


A cocktail of vodka, prosecco and sorbet ice cream

Coffee or tea complete

Coffee or tea, liqueur, macaroon and a bonbon

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