Mix of pumpkin seeds, arugula, pesto and Parmesan

Steak tartare

Egg, pickle and capers

Tuna salad

Tomato and red onion

Bawykov salmon

egg salad, cress, cucumber and avocado

Mozzarella vegetarian

Focaccia bread, tomato salsa and arugula

Holtkamp veal croquettes

Dijon mustard

Three eggs sunny side up vegetarian

Supplement: cheese or ham € 1,50

Supplement: roast beef or bacon € 2,00

Egg Benedict vegetarian

Poached eggs, brioche bread, Pata Negra, hollandaise sauce and truffle


Club sandwich

Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and egg

Lobster soup

Crayfish, rouille and a focaccia crouton


Chicken, egg, croutons, anchovy and Parmesan

Mozzarella vegetarian

Tomato salsa, arugula, pine nuts and croutons

Crispy beef

Cucumber, pea pods, capsicum, spinach and miso mayo

Salmon steak

Soba noodles, little gem , pea shoots, red onion and sesame soy dressing


Sushi rice, cucumber, soybeans, mago, avocado, sesame seeds, tempura crunch and soy dressing

Black Angus beef burger

Bacon, tomato, cheese, burger sauce and fries

Iberico 'sticky rib fingers'

Capsicum, spring onion, zucchini, smoked garlic mayo and fries 

Halibut fillet

Mussels, pearl barley and green curry sauce

Whole or half lobster (approx. 650 gram)

Beurre Café de Paris, tzatziki and fries

Pan-fried cod fillet

Shellfish, spinach and lobster stock

Grilled Yellowfin tuna

Green asparagus, tomato salsa and samphire 

Tenderloin steak (180 gram)

Potato muffin, roasted tomatoes and summer truffle sauce

Ravioli vegetarian

Eggplant, melanzane alla parmigiana, Parmesan espuma and basil


Sweet potato fries

Parmesan fries with truffle mayo

Haricot verts

Green salad

Strawberry Romanoff

Giant Cream Puff

Cornetto ice cream and chocolate sauce

Chocolate tasting

Stracciatella ice cream

Sorbet ice cream

Three flavours and seasonal fruit

Five cheeses

Apple syrup and panfrote


Vodka, prosecco and lime sorbet

Coffee or tea complete

Coffee or tea, liqueur, macaroon and chocolate

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