Bread basket

On The Rock dip and sea salt butter



Mixed nuts

Oysters 'Irish Gold nr. 3'

Raspberry vinegar, shallot and lemon

From 3 pieces

Pata Negra

80 grams Iberico Cebo de Campo with focaccia croutons and rocket

'Gravad lax' salmon

Focaccia crostini and vadouvan mayonnaise


Five cheeses, nut bread and apple syrup

Nachos vegetarian

Cheese sauce, guacamole and chilli sauce

Tapas platter

Olives, fuet, spicy farmhouse cheese matured, Spinata Romana, Pata Negra and dried tomato

Summer truffle & green asparagus vegetarian

Dried tomato, rocket and pine nuts

Spicy farmhouse cheese vegetarian


Heeren dutch beef croquette balls

8 pieces

Heeren crayfish croquette balls

8 pieces

Heeren mixed

4 x Heeren Dutch beef croquette balls and 4 x crayfish croquette balls

Torpedo shrimps

8 pieces

Tempura chicken

6 pieces

Old cheese spring rolls vegetarian

8 pieces

Mini spring rolls

8 pieces

Mixed snacks

10 pieces

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