Oysters 'Rock Oyster'

Raspberry vinegar, shallot and lemon

From 3 pieces, price is per piece

Olives vegetarian


Bread basket vegetarian

On The Rock dip & sea salt butter 

Flammkuchen vegetarian

Flammkuchen with crème fraîche, sun-dried tomato, leek, artichoke and truffle

Pata Negra

80 grams Iberico Cebo de Campo with focaccia croutons and rocket

Ceviche of Dutch yellowtail

Mango, sweet and sour vegetables and avocado cream


Potato and leek espuma, salsify and black truffle


Truffle mayonnaise, Grana Padano cheese and pine nuts

Supplement: duck liver curls à € 10,00

Duck breast fillet from the BGE

Poultry cream, blackcurrant and crispy sponge cake

Hand-cut steak tartare

Raw beef (80 grams), truffle mayonnaise and brioche

Roasted pumpkin vegetarian

Ricotta cream, Chaource cheese, filo, pomegranate and port syrup

Mini eggplant vegetarian

Ricotta, sesame hummus, grains crumble and olive oil pearls

Pumpkin soup vegetarian

Prawn, yoghurt, dukkah and flatbread (V without prawn)

Wild mushroom soup vegetarian

Green herbs and focaccia croutons

Tasting of starters

From 2 people, price is per person

Roasted vegetables vegetarian

Ricotta, hummus and grains crumble 

Smoked duck breast

Crispy sponge cake, orange and balsamic vinegar

Salad riche

Bawykov salmon, shrimps, Pata Negra, duck liver and quail egg

Sweet potato ravioli vegetarian

Mini cauliflower, pomegranate, pistachio and beurre blanc

Papadum vegetarian

Mushrooms, potato and leek espuma and black truffle

Catch of the day


Grilled Canadian lobster

Seasonal vegetables and clarified butter

Stuffed guinea fowl supreme

Mushrooms, sweet potato crisps and PX sauce

Roast special

Changing steak from the grill with herb butter


Pepper sauce or herb butter, mashed potatoes, vegetables and mushrooms

Supplementen: duck liver à € 10,00 / summer truffle à € 5,00


Sweet potato fries

Parmesan fries with truffle mayo

Seasonal vegetables

Green salad

Giant cream puff

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Oven baked apple crumble tarte

Vanilla ice cream

Mocha macaroon

Coffee cremeux and chocolate sorbet


Five cheeses, nut bread and apple syrup

Coffee or tea complete

Coffee or tea, liqueur, macaroon and a bonbon


A cocktail of vodka, prosecco and sorbet ice cream

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