On The Rock


Our kitchen is diverse and surprising. Chef Rutger Eilander guarantees a unique menu that is mostly French oriented, but with an international and modern-twist.

Local and pure

Salads, sandwiches, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes alternate. Chef Rutger is known for serving pure and quality dishes, with ingredients of local suppliers. With his team, he likes to follow the seasons and the latest food trends.


For groups of 10 or more we have our group menus. To know more about our possibilities, contact Merel, Kim or Sarah via +31297-364 985, info@ontherock.nl or fill out the contact form. They will make sure that your lunch or dinner is perfectly organized.

Book online

Booking a table for more than 10 people? Then we ask you to contact us by phone, such a reservation requires a little more attention, which is why it is not possible to make a reservation online.

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